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FIre resistant BIObased polyurethane foam for aircraft SEATing cushions

Final Report Summary - FIBIOSEAT (FIre resistant BIObased polyurethane foam for aircraft SEATing cushions)

Executive Summary:
A green polyurethane foam containing 30% in mass of bio based polyol has been manufactured. This foam respect all the aircraft requirements in term of fire resistance/mechanical behavior/comfort. We have qualified two versions: with graphite expandable and without.

Project Context and Objectives:
In the FIBIOSEAT project (25-month time frame), AXYAL, an innovative SME specialized in the industrial transformation of plastics and composites proposes to develop a sustainable alternative for current flexible foams which will comply with aircraft fire resistance requirements under the same weight specifications while meeting the comfort and durability expectations of ends users.
In that perspective, AXYAL has partenered with PMV INDUSTRIE.

The main objective is to optimise the manufacturing of a "green" polyurethane flexible foam for airliner seat cushions formulated with renewable polyols and non halogenated fire retardants and the construction of a demonstrator.
Its comfort, support and durability performances will be assessed.The mechanicals properties and fire behavior will be tested and BOM/BOP will be provided.

Project Results:
We have designed the Green PU seating cushions with CAO software.
We have manufactured two foams called respectively
- Foam CSI Green PUR (with graphite)
- Foam CSI Green PUR-2 (without graphite)
These foams respect the fire and mechanical aircraft requirements.
We have manufactured a whole demonstrator (a row of 3 seats) with a flexible polyurethane foam without graphite expandable. This polyurethane system will be easier recycled either by mechanical recycling (grinding) or by glycolyse (chemical recycling studied by Fraunhofer Institute).
The assembly of the seating cushions with Fire blocking layer/Fabric cover/ Velcro is performed by PMV.
The evaluation of comfort performance is good. The properties of resistance to compression, resistance to fatigue are comparable to well-known foams used for airliners seats and also VIP seats.
The comfort of assembled cushions on the seat is evaluated as good by the PMV Industrie expert.

Potential Impact:

The FIBIOSEAT will open the way for the qualification of a green PU foam for producing sustainable aircraft seating cushions. The technological leap that will be achieved in the FIBIOSEAT project will allow PMV to answer its clients needs with an innovative and green solution and to stay ahead of its competitors.Axyal will be able to affirm its technical leadership in the field of PU foam processing at the European level.

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Axyal Technical contact: Jocelin Laborde