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Active Gurney Flap


"A huge effort has been dedicated to improving the performance of aircraft propellers, as well as of aerodynamics surfaces, having in mind the maximization of the overall efficiency and reduction of the fuel consumption.
In that sense, blade morphing technologies have become a must for long term developments. In meanwhile, however, the effects of several smaller changes have been investigated with very good preliminary results, such as, Gurney flaps and other trailing edges.

In this project, Active Space Technologies (AST) proposes to develop a new concept of an Active Gurney Flap (AGF) in collaboration with the Green Rotorcraft Consortium (GRC1). The project scope is the complete design and manufacturing of the controller, actuator and Gurney flap mechanism, which will be assembled in a set of four scaled model helicopter blade and tested in a wind tunnel. The AGF system must be compliant with a set of challenging system requirements related with the actuation frequency (60Hz), the required maximum deployed extension (3% of the blade chord), the limited available room at the flap location (about 1.5 mm) and the Gurney flap movement perpendicular to the blade surface."

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Active Space Technologies, Actividades Aeroespaciais S.A.
Parque Industrial De Taveiro Lote 12
3045 508 Coimbra

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Activity type
Private for-profit entities (excluding Higher or Secondary Education Establishments)
Administrative Contact
Abel Mendes (Mr.)
EU contribution
€ 202 422,50