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GRaphene supramolEculAr elecTronics: a life-long training Career development project


"GREAT aims at offering to a young scientist with an excellent scientific record, possessing a Ph.D in chemistry, a cross-disciplinary and supra-sectorial training and research experience in the emerging field at the interface between physics, materials sciences, supramolecular chemistry, electrical engineering and nanoscience with the ultimate goal of offering him an education in a new field of research and broadening his skills in science and complementary subjects. The overall mission is to train the young researcher to become an independent scientist as well as to prepare him for a leading position in academia or industry. Within GREAT the training-through-research is targeted at exploiting tailor-made graphene organic based systems to study their structure and electronic properties and ultimately to assess their potential in photovoltaic applications and more generally in (opto)electronic devices. Understanding and bottom-up tuning of graphene properties is essential for its potential optoelectronic applications since organic-derivatized graphenes show improved conductivity, charge mobility and mechanical strength. To accomplish this goal, we will combine bottom-up and top-down approaches: graphene-hybrid materials prepared by either covalent modification or by supramolecular functionalization of graphene with functional molecules in a given liquid media will be self-assembled forming multicomponent architectures with a high degree of order at multiple length scales, i.e. from the nano to the macroscopic scale. These architectures will be employed as semiconducting layers in field effect transistors (FETs) and solar cells (SC’s), or as transparent electrodes as alternative to ITO electrodes. Prototype of devices will be fabricated in order to investigate in depth and in a broader context two fundamental physical properties for optoelectronics, i.e. charge injection and charge transport characteristics."

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EU contribution
€ 193 594,80
67081 Strasbourg

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Grand Est Alsace Bas-Rhin
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Paolo Samorì (Prof.)
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No data