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Interactive visualisation statistical system

Exploitable results

Under the IViSS project's framework particular attention was paid to developing a homogeneous, statistical interactive visualisation environment consisting of plug-in modules. The prototype was characterised by an open architecture interface, where visualisation and third party statistical modules were able to plug in, and automatically inherit functionalities offered by IViSS, achieving customisation of the working environment according to the user needs and demands in a cost-effective way. Taking the above into consideration the overall project results were: - The development of a prototype which will lead to the implementation of an open, modular, homogenous, visualisation prototype environment for statisticians. It will provide visualisation methods while offering capabilities for processing and analysing statistical data by allowing integration of external plug-in modules offering various statistical analysis techniques. Interactivity will characterise the system in such a way that will make data analysis a simple task for the user. - The usage of advance visualisation methods that helps the user clearly identify patterns and correlations in the data to help formulate a hypothesis. Initially it will provide statisticians with a visualiser that will present the statistical data for exploitation using an extended version of the Parallel Co-ordinates data analysis method. This is a totally generic multidimensional multivariate data analysis method, which coupled with interactive manipulations and operations-transformations on the visualised data, can be used effectively and conveniently for data analysis purposes. - Utilisation of industry standards during the development of the plug-in modules. - Usage of "state of the art" industry standards technologies (OCX, OLE, DDE, Active-X, etc) allowing the visualisation methods to plug-in into existing statistical software packages like SAS, SPSS, Excel, etc. - To stimulate the development of a secondary market dealing with the development of plug-in modules that will provide specialised statistical methods for data analysis and data exploitation. - SAS S/W is used as a golden standard for the authentication and the verification of the results obtained in IViSS project. We have developed custom applications with graphical user interfaces using several components of SAS software to do data management, analysis, and reporting. The homogeneous environment can be offered as a statistical operating environment where plug-in modules of other developers inherit features offered by it and provide support for the visualisation methods offered. Secondary developers will then have to deal only with the implementation of statistical algorithms and not with user interface aspects, file management, visualisation, reporting and interactivity, thus producing cost-effective solutions. Know-how gained under this project: relational databases, statistical methods, visualisation methods, data management - analysis and reporting (SAS software), timeseries analysis methods, MFC, C++, OLE, Active-X, DDE.