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Ricochet Effects: Global Circulations of Cultural Memory Debates


"The aim of this project is for Dr Alison Ribeiro de Menezes to go from University College Dublin, Ireland, to Brown University, USA, for a period of 1 year to gain new expertise in memory debates and cultural exchanges in the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking worlds. She will transfer this to Ireland during a return year of training at University College Dublin, thereby developing a new understanding within the ERA of the global circulation of memory debates. The project addresses memory’s global migrations by shifting attention from nationally based perspectives to a multi-lingual and multi-continental view. Knowledge of identity and memory debates in the Lusophone world (including Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, and East Timor) and of Hispanic transatlantic exchanges (particularly between Spain, Argentina, and Chile) gained at Brown will be used to develop a ‘ricochet’ model of transnational cultural exchange. The research foregrounds the contingency of exchange processes involved in memory formation, de-formation, and re-formation; explores the lessons, for the advancement of national and international justice, of the vernacularization of human rights discourses and their role in promoting memory’s cross-cultural migrations; and seeks re-centre cultural memory studies by exploring multidirectional memory in a Luso-Hispanic perspective in order to supplement and deepen prevailing Franco-German theoretical models. Through knowledge transfer activities in the incoming phase, the project will facilitate mutual exchanges between researchers and policy makers in the fields of memory, rights and retrospective justice in the ERA and so enhance research excellence and bridge links between academia and practitioners."

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Donal Doolan (Mr.)
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