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West and East: Textile technologies and identities in the 1st millennium B.C. South Italy and Cyprus


Textile tools in the archaeological record provide significant yet so far unacknowledged information at three levels: (1) their shape and decorations highlight interaction between different cultural communities, (2) their findspots testify to the individuals' personal, occupational or gendered space in households and graves, and (3) textile tools' functional features illuminate the type of textiles that were once manufactured and thus visualise what has today been lost in the archaeological record. Textile tools are thus my key to the exploration of textile technologies and cultural identities in Iron Age contexts in South Italy and Cyprus, regions that have a mixed cultural heritage with Greek and Phoenician influx. The project utilises new textile tool analyses based on systematic experimental archaeology and introduces social agency theory for the first time in a textile context; this analysis of the textile producers and their tools will provide new knowledge to the discussion of socio-cultural dynamics and technologies in culturally mixed areas.

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