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Harmonic Mode-locked Fibre Lasers


"Stabilized mode-locked fibre lasers (MLFLs) are important for a range of applications such as optical communications, frequency metrology, medical imaging, micro machining and femtochemistry. MLFLs are cost-efficient, easy to fabricate, have all-fibre design and high output powers.

The key aims of the project are: (a) training of Mrs. Habruseva in the fast growing field of fibre lasers; and, (b) development of cost-efficient stable ultra-fast harmonic mode-locked fibre lasers (HMLFLs) for a range of applications. The interdisciplinary training includes fibre components design, fabrication, advanced modelling and implementation, polarization characterization and communication tests, where the host has a crucial expertise. Tatiana will gain additional expertise and knowledge in applications of fibre lasers, laser technologies and modelling through one-month placements at academic and industrial co-hosts. The multidisciplinary activities include supervision and teaching experience, complimentary courses on the project and knowledge management, research funding, proposal writing, and others.

In the first year the Fellow will perform modelling and experimental study of HMLFLs, design and fabrication of fibre optics components, assembling of novel device for polarization control and study of HMLFLs with carbon nanotubes and nonlinear polarization evolution. During the second year the Fellow will study stabilization of HMLFLs. These studies will include research on coupled fibre lasers and development of novel methods for noise suppression. Training outcomes will broaden the Fellow’s areas of expertise, enhance her leadership and organisation qualities, and hence will have a great impact on her future career as an independent researcher.

Stabilized MLFLs will enable increased performance and reduced complexity of optical networks; they will benefit European community in social, research and economical aspects through contribution to communication technologies."

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Aston Triangle
B4 7ET Birmingham
United Kingdom
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 209 033,40
Administrative Contact
Sergei Turitsyn (Prof.)