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Förster resonant energy transfer for high efficiency quantum dot solar cells


The Project F-LIGHT aims at exploiting in innovative way the Förster resonant energy transfer (FRET) process in excitonic solar cells, by adding proper donor/acceptor (D/A) couples, which lead to broadening of the absorption spectral range and improve the photoconversion efficiency. The D/A couples are composed of commercially available dye molecules and colloidal and non-colloidal quantum dots (QDs).
The investigation takes advantage of the outstanding injection properties of commercially available dye molecules and naked QDs generated by successive ionic layer absorption and reaction (SILAR), while benefiting of the outstanding stability and high electric insulation of suitably passivated colloidal QDs. The first ones act as donors strongly attached to the photoanode, the second one acts as acceptor systems to expand the absorption band. One further fundamental idea is the chemical bonding inside the D/A pair, to enhance FRET probability and optimize surface occupancy by the acceptors. Key point of the Project will be the in depth investigation of the structure, electrical and optical properties of the nanostructured heterointerfaces between the D/A couples and the photoanode by applying advanced techniques (SPM, STS, PEEM, TRPL) all available at the outgoing host Institution.
Expected results can give concrete contribution to overcome the intrinsic limits of the state of the art excitonic cells, allowing exploitation of all their potential, whose efficiency is not limited by the Queisser limit and could be as high as 45%.
The applicant will be trained on techniques not currently in his background (SPM, STS, TRPL), and whose application represents significant step forward the comprehension of the physico-chemical mechanisms of FRET in excitonic solar cells.
Strong synergistic activities are planned between the incoming and outgoing hosts, aiming at setting up durable scientific collaboration as one of the main outcome of the Project, after the reintegration phase.

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