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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Methods in interdisciplinary environmental research


The solution of complex environmental problems is challenging: it does not only require a profound disciplinary background, but also a wide range of interdisciplinary skills. While disciplinary knowledge is usually trained lecture-based e.g. at universities, interdisciplinary skills are trained on the job, e.g. in interdisciplinary research projects.

The series of events METIER is scheduled to combine these approaches and to train profound methodological skills together with interdisciplinary understanding of complex environmental problems. For that reason, the proposed Series of Events offers a training programme of seven courses that will bridge the existing gap combining both disciplinary knowledge and interdisciplinary understanding by training in cutting-edge methods in selected interdisciplinary key areas.

A final conference will serve to present an overview of the selected methods and to discuss how these methodologies can support European policies. The proposal combines coherently training courses on the following key methods needed in environmental research: Remote Sensing for Atmosphere, Hydrosphere and Land Surface, Information Management, GIS and Geo-visualization, Ecological Modelling and Scenario Development and Forecasting.

Each course will be hosted by a different European centre of excellence in environmental research; each course will be lectured by well-known key scientists, thus bringing together early-stage and advanced researchers from different parts of Europe. This co-operation will enable early-stage scientists to learn interdisciplinary skills needed to face environmental challenges around the globe, being at the same time of high relevance for their professional careers inside and outside science.

The cross-linking of different key methods/instruments in environmental research within a Pan-European scope will contribute significantly to the structuring of training activities in the European Research Area.

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