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Linear and cyclic double-strand molecular wires


This project will focus on double-strand nanowires and nanorings consisting of butadiyne-linked porphyrin oligomers. One objective is to create double-strand linear conjugated polymers with useful nonlinear optical properties for ultrafast all-optical communication systems. Another objective is to explore a new approach to template-directed synthesis, whereby one nanoring acts as a template to direct the construction of a second complementary nanoring. Double-strand porphyrin nanorings are of high interest because of their resemblance to photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes. They are also expected to have interesting nonlinear optical properties.

Professor Anderson is a leading expert in supramolecular chemistry and the engineering of molecular wires. The Department of Chemistry at Oxford is one of the top chemistry departments in Europe with outstanding research facilities.

Christiane Knappke recently completed her PhD at the University of Cologne in the field of N-heterocyclic carbene chemistry. During her PhD work, she synthesised some remarkable electron-rich pi-systems. This experience made her eager to learn about the synthesis and characterisation of larger functional pi-systems. Anderson’s group provides an ideal environment for gaining this expertise. This project will provide her with high-level hands-on training in supramolecular chemistry, template-directed synthesis, electrochemistry, photophysical techniques and EPR spectroscopy. She has the necessary expertise to make fast progress with the project, and to rapidly acquire new skills. This fellowship will put her in a very strong position to start an independent research career.

The project includes collaborations with physical chemists, physcicists and materials scientists, located in Oxford and other EU-countries. The fellow will be fully engaged with these collaborations. This contact will add a valuable dimension to the training while increasing the scientific impact of the project.

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Gill Wells (Ms.)
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