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Real-Time Studies of Biological NanoMachines in Action by NMR

Final Report Summary - NANOLIFE@WORK (Real-Time Studies of Biological NanoMachines in Action by NMR)

Our results help to understand a) mechanism of ATP induced conformational cycle, b) the mechanism of passive substrate protection by chaperone and c) and mechanism of chaperone assisted protein folding, which we are currently nailing down. The knowledge acquired in this project foster the understanding of mechanism chaperones in preventing the accumulation of misfolded of proteins, which are always associated with disease 9 state. The understanding of mechanisms underlying diseases caused by misfolded and aggregated proteins has a
great value in finding the strategies to prevent and treat such diseases. The aggregation diseases are growing in occurrence especially in economically developed countries with ageing population and increased life expectancy. The socioeconomic impact of misfolded diseases could be illustrated on Alzheimer’s dementia, which was summarized in the report “Dementia: a public health priority”, which has been jointly developed by WHO and Alzheimer's Disease International.