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"ADvanced Mid-InfraRed broadband laser sources for Application in Telecommunications, bIo-photonics, metrOlogy and few-cycle pulse generatioN"


"The project aims to advance the emerging field of mid-infrared (mid-IR) photonics towards widespread interdisciplinary application in life sciences, chemistry and physics. Despite the importance of mid-IR radiation for various research areas, most current mid-IR laser sources are not well matched to application demands and have yet to achieve the level of flexibility, compactness, reliability and ease of use of their near-IR and visible counterparts.

ADMIRATION proposes to overcome these shortcomings by developing novel high brightness, broadband coherent and spectrally uniform ultrashort pulse laser sources based on supercontinuum generation (SCG) in specialty optical fibers. In particular, we target the design, fabrication and experimental implementation of optimized mid-IR SCG sources for 4 key applications areas:

- high spectral density broadband transmission sources for next-generation telecommunication networks
- non-invasive early detection of diseases by molecular fingerprinting in breath analysis
- highly stable and efficient frequency comb generation for metrology
- high performance few-cycle pulse amplification and high harmonic generation for ultrafast imaging of the carbon structure of bio-molecules

The project will address technological challenges in soft glass microstructured fiber design and fabrication to adapt fiber-based mid-IR SCG sources to the challenging application demands, following similar such demonstrations by the applicant during his PhD work in silica fibers for near-infrared and visible spectral ranges. ADMIRATION is therefore fully aligned with FP7 research objectives by developing “photonics technologies, components and (sub-) systems driven by key applications and social needs” and directly addresses target outcomes of the 2011/12 Work Program, including “bio-photonics for early, fast and reliable diagnosis of diseases” as well as ""future-proof telecommunications networks and systems"" development."

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SO17 1BJ Southampton
United Kingdom

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South East (England) Hampshire and Isle of Wight Southampton
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Yan Qiao (Ms.)
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