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This proposal concerns the organization of a Network of Regional Agencies in charge of the implementation of Regional policy plans. The main idea is to enhance their efficiency and help them to better use public funds for R&D and Innovation, thus contributing to spread an optimal usage of private and public investments.
The project intends to define practical methodologies and concrete guidelines for that purposes. E-RAIN involves 6 partners and 6 European Regions: ASTER-Emilia-Romagna-I, coordinator, C IDEM-Catalonia-E, Municipality of Grenoble-F, WRS-Stuttgart-D, VATI-West Pannonia-HU, GARR-Upper Silesia-PL.
The objectives of the proposal are: 1 - to optimize the utilization of R&D funds invested by private and public organizations avoiding bottlenecks and critical aspects generated by inefficient implementation procedures; 2 - to establish a European mutual learning platform based on that objective, connecting all those organizations that are involved in the process, with particular attention to new European member states
The Workplan is organized in five WPs. WP1 and WP2 are intended to build the mutual learning platform, through the analysis of regional situations and innovation plans and through the definition of an operational model for the implementation of those policies. Thematic aspects and cluster development are taken into specific consideration.
The WP3 is devoted to mentoring initiatives and to the enlargement of the network including new subjects in the activities, mainly from NMS. The WP 4 concerns the dissemination of results, the circulation of ideas and sharing of experiences addressed to those that are not directly involved in the proposal. The WP5 refers to the management of the project. In order to improve the circulation of information outside the partnership, an External Expert Group (EEG) has been organized, to generate new ideas, enhance the quality of results and deliverables and enlarge the dissemination ability of the partnership.

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