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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Quantum Teleportation of Remote Solid-state Spins

Final Report Summary - QTORSS (Quantum Teleportation of Remote Solid-state Spins)

Quantum information processing is a key future technology. It offers superior communication security and can solve certain computational problems faster than current classical information technology. An essential step for applying quantum information over large distances and distributed over multiple parties is the reliable transfer of quantum information between distant nodes. However, directly sending a quantum state between nodes in a physical information carrier is unreliable due to inevitable losses. Nevertheless, reliable transfer of quantum states over large distances is possible using quantum teleportation: the complete and faithful transfer of a quantum state based on quantum entanglement and classical communication.

In this project we demonstrated such quantum teleportation between remote solid-state spins. We teleported quantum states from a nuclear spin in one diamond to an electron spin in another diamond three meters away (publication: arXiv:1404.4369).Importantly our demonstration is both unconditional – the teleportation succeeds every time – and robust to transmission losses – the teleportation can extend to arbitrary distances. This result opens a new avenue for creating quantum repeaters and long-range quantum networks, which can challenge our fundamental understanding of physics and realize large scale quantum information processing.

On the way to the final goal (and the related intermediate goals) we have developed novel methods to control spins associated to the nitrogen-vacancy NV in diamond. First, we have demonstrated the preparation, detection, control and measurement of multiple nuclear spins in the vicinity of such NV centers. (publications: Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 137602, 2012, Nature Phys. 9, 29, 2013 and Nature Nanotech. 9, 171, 2014). These methods can be applied both to build quantum memories with multiple spins as well as a means to develop nano-scale magnetic resonance imaging with single nuclear spin resolution. Second, we created spin-spin entanglement between two NV centers in different diamonds (publication: Nature 497, 86, 2013). Besides being key ingredients for quantum teleportation, these advances also provide a wealth of opportunities to investigate other aspects of quantum information such as quantum error correction and (distributed) measurement-based quantum computing in the near future.