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First Market Introduction of the Eco-friendly, resource efficient, energy effective and recyclable baggage handling conveyor, the Blueveyor


Conveyors are used in several industries, such as baggage handling systems at airports, but also for warehouses (distribution), parcel & postal, the car industry and many others. Traditionally, conveyors for baggage handling systems, distribution and parcel & postal are build with PVC belts. This belt is eco unfriendly (potentially toxic, harmful and unrecyclable) and furthermore inefficient as conveyor belt since it needs several measures in order to be spanned and tightened. This inefficiency causes a relatively very high energy consumption and a lot of resources, mainly steel, needed. Vanderlande Industries BV, based in the Netherlands, developed the eco-friendly, energy- and resource efficient and recyclable Blueveyor in order to heavily reduce the environmental impact of baggage handling systems. Consequently, about 60% less energy and over 60% less resources are needed to build and operate the Blueveyor.
Within this Eco Innovation project, Vanderlande aims to introduce the Blueveyor to the market by simultaneously implement two baggage handling systems consisting of 50 Blueveyors each at the renowned airports of Schiphol (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Heathrow (London, The UK). Vanderlande cooperates closely with several partners (Ammeraal Beltech, producer of the polyester belt EPEA, expert in the design of closed-loop recycle systems) to install the closed loop recycle system. As fire, health and operational safety is traditionally very important at airports, conservatism towards innovations is very present at airports. The Blueveyor is completely redesigned and therefore new to airports. This project therefore has the objective to cooperate with Schiphol and Heathrow airport to reach a formal consensus on these safety issues. The introduction of an, innovative conveyor into the market while closely cooperating with several partners and two of Europes most important airports on the installation of the next generation material handling system.


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