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Engineering Network and Interference Geometry for the Analysis and Design of Next Generation Wireless Networks


Today, our society, industry and service sectors are increasingly becoming more dependent on information and communication technologies (ICT) in general and wireless telecommunication networks in particular. For example, fourth generation (4G) wireless networks has transformed mobile handsets into intelligent terminals for providing an easy anytime-anywhere access to all sorts of information and services in our daily lives such as location tracking, high-definition video streaming, and portfolio monitoring and management. ICT empowered with next generation wireless protocols for machine-to-machine communication is expected to decrease total greenhouse gas emissions from all industry sectors by 15%, and to advance current medical and public health practices significantly within the next decade.

Such a wide range of application areas brings together new interoperability challenges for heterogeneous network architectures and requires innovative approaches for interference mitigation to support data rates as high as 1 Gbits/sec in low mobility and 100 Mbits/sec in high mobility environments. This project will engineer network and interference geometry to derive fundamental performance bounds and to mitigate interference for next generation heterogeneous wireless and complex networks. It will combine stochastic geometry and random geometric graphs with the theory of complex networks, nonlinear optimization and advanced distribution approximation techniques to discover hidden dynamics and underlying fundamental properties peculiar to these networks. Novel, distributed, practical and provably optimal or near-optimal algorithms will be devised to manage and control heterogeneous wireless and complex communication networks, as well as safeguarding them against unexpected failures, attacks and anomalies. Project outcomes are also expected to find interdisciplinary applications beyond wireless networks to other complex networks such as Internet and social networks.

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