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Flavor, Unification and Symmetries from Strings


The proposed research program takes place in the context of High Energy Physics and, more precisely, in the subfield known as string phenomenology. The main goal is to develop the potential of string theory to produce realistic models of Particle Physics and Cosmology, as well as to understand the interplay between Quantum Gravity and the phenomenology of such models.

The proposed line of research will be focused in analyzing the string theory models known as type II/F-theory vacua, with special emphasis in models where the gauge interactions of nature are unified (Grand Unified Theory models). It is expected to achieve significant developments in this area via analyzing the physics of these models, and in particular by understanding the flavor problem of Particle Physics in this context. In this sense, it is expected that Quantum Gravity will impose a specific structure of flavor in the above models, via the existence of discrete symmetries. The research program aims to unveil such structure and to classify those characteristic signatures that could be detected in current accelerator experiments.

The program does not only involve the formation of researchers into the field of string phenomenology and model building, but it also intends to profit form the interdisciplinary synergy that is currently emerging in the field of string phenomenology, involving physicists that are both more phenomenologically and more mathematically oriented.

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