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Promotion of Women EntrepreNeurs to participate in European Technology


The creative and entrepreneurial potential of women is a latent source of economic growth and new jobs and should be encouraged. Most of the difficulties in business and innovation are common to both genders, but tend to be more significant for females, du e to information gaps, lack of contacts, gender discrimination and stereotypes, difficulties in reconciling business and family obligations etc. Women in Business and Women in Science are a neglected target group when it comes to innovation and technology transfer services. Also mainstream services in most cases do not reach women. WENETT will focus on the target group of women in science and women in business as an important source of innovation and growth for the future (demographic challenge). The object ive is to access women in business and science through regional interdisciplinary networks involving the target group plus regional stakeholders in women and/or innovation issues. Networks (different sectors, academy and industry) will act as platforms for awareness raising for technology transfer opportunities in Europe, capacity building workshops and mutual learning. Potential women to participate in transnational technology transfer will be identified and supported to generate their own technology offer s and requests. The goal is to channel these into the mainstream services of the IRC Network. Five regions (Germany, Scotland, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria) will identify a total of 20 role models of active women in transnational cooperations. 10 video clips with their case studies will support the awareness and capacity building services towards women. A transregional speeding up networking event will support transnational networking and cooperation negotiations. 250 women will be involved in the networking process, 150 serviced for capacity building in tt-knowledge and 75 technology profiles disseminated in Europe. WENETT will encourage 50 negotiations for cooperation involving women in business or science.

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