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Content archived on 2024-06-18

LODESTONE: Unifying the Radio Spectrum to Map the Magnetic Universe

Final Report Summary - LODESTONE (LODESTONE: Unifying the Radio Spectrum to Map the Magnetic Universe)

The LODESTONE project aims to understand the origin of cosmic magnetism by observing the effects of magnetic fields in the largest scale structures in the Universe: clusters & super-clusters of galaxies and the cosmic web. To do this the team are using highly sensitive measurements from across the radio spectrum, made with cutting edge radio instrumentation. By combining these new data with innovative analysis techniques we are able to extract information on the magnetic Universe that it has previously been impossible to obtain. Our analysis techniques have enabled a more accurate understanding of the effects of magnetic fields on the polarized emission detected by radio telescopes and they have helped us to disentangle emission produced by our own Galaxy from sources that are external to it. We have verified these techniques on data from telescopes working at very low radio frequencies, such as LOFAR and the GMRT, and we now plan to combine these results with new data at high radio frequencies from the AMI telescope. To do this we have designed and built a specialised data combiner for the AMI telescope that improves our imaging at high frequencies by over an order of magnitude.