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Environmentally friendly, Inter City Aircraft powered by Fuel Cells


The main objective of the ENFICA-FC project is to develop and validate the use of a fuel cell based power system for propulsion of more/all electric aircraft. The fuel cell system will be installed in a selected aircraft which will be flight and performance tested as a proof of functionality and future applicability for inter city aircraft. It will also demonstrate that noise levels and pollutant emissions can be significantly reduces, or eliminated, by more/all electric aircraft in the air and on the g round. Rapidly emerging fuel cell power technologies can be used to launch a new revolution in electric propulsion system. Light aircraft, small commuters and electrical system replacement for larger transport aircraft (APU, primary electrical generation supply, etc) can be foreseen, with the added advantages provided by fuel cells, namely no noise, no pollution and all-electric aircraft. An all-electric propulsion inter-city aircraft (10-15 seat) could be completely equipped by fuel cells, realizing i n such way a more silent and less polluting aircraft that will be able to takeoff and land from congested urban areas using short airfields. A feasibility study will be carried out to define preliminarily transport aircraft propulsion systems that can be provided by fuel cell technologies, by Identification and Requirements of applications for regional transport aircraft, Propulsion system preliminary definition, Safety, certification, and maintenance, Life Cycle Cost evaluation. A two-seat electric-mo tor-driven airplane powered by fuel cells will be developed and validate by flight-test, by converting a high efficiency existing aircraft. Fuel cell unit, high efficiency brush-less electric motors and power electronics controller shall be designed, bui lt and tested in laboratory ready to be installed on board. Flight test bed of the all electric aircraft will be the main goal of the project.

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