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Simulating aircraft stability and control characteristics for use in conceptual design


Present trends in aircraft design towards augmented-stability and expanded flight envelopes call for an accurate description of the non-linear flight-dynamic behaviour of the aircraft in order to properly design the Flight Control System (FCS). Hence th e need to increase the knowledge about stability and control (S&C) as early as possible in the aircraft development process in order to be "First-Time-Right" with the FCS design architecture. FCS design usually starts near the end of the conceptual design phase when the configuration has been tentatively frozen and experimental data for predicted aerodynamic characteristics are available. Up to 80% of the lifecycle cost of an aircraft is incurred during the conceptual design phase so mistakes m ust be avoided.

To meet these challenges SimSAC develops along two major axes:
(i) creation and implementation of a simulation environment, CAESIOM, for conceptual design sizing and optimisation suitably knitted for low-to-high-fidelity S&C analysis; and
(ii) an improved pragmatic mix of numerical tools benchmarked against experimental data. Key objectives are: establish formalised geometry construction protocols to enable varying fidelity AeroModels, construct the CEASIOM system for S&C de sign and assessment at three levels of fidelity, including low-fidelity aero-elasticity effects, benchmark each numerical tool using established and widely recognized experimental data for existing configurations, conventional and unconventional, test and assess CAESIOM by undertaking a selection of design exercises of two types.

Achieving these objectives will advance the state-of-the-art in computer-aided concept design suitable for procuring economically amenable and ecologically friendly designs.

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