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Predictive methods for combined cycle fatigue in Gas Turbine Blades


The modern gas turbine is a complex machine, the design and development of which takes many months and costs Millions. The European gas turbine manufacturing industry is under pressure to minimise the resources required to bring a new design to market, due to global competitive pressure and increasing customer expectations.

Accurate design and prediction tools are keys to success in this process. The PREMECCY project identifies the field of rotor blade Combined Cycle Fatigue (CCF) as an area where there are shortcomings in the existing industry standard design and prediction tools and thus where significant benefits can be achieved. Rotor blade CCF accounts for up to 40% of the total number of issues that arise during an engine development programme and a similar proportion of in-service problems.

These issues cost the industry Millions in both maintenance and redesign costs. The primary objective of the PREMECCY project is to develop new and improved CCF prediction methods for use in the design process. These will halve the number of development and in-service CCF problems thereby reducing the time and cost required to develop a new engine and reducing the operating costs once in service. They will also enable the design of lighter, more efficient blades, reducing engine sfc. In order to develop the new prediction methods the project will first generate high quality material test data. Advanced specimens and testing mechanically, geometrically and environmentally representative of operating conditions will be used to verify the enhanced methodology.

All industrial partners are in a position to exploit the resulting methodologies within their existing design processes. The 15 strong consortium includes 9 major European gas turbine manufacturers, 1 specialist SME and 5 world-class research facilities. The complimentary expertise and experience of the consortium represents an optimised resource with which to achieve the project's challenging objectives.

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