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Landing Software for small-medium Aircraft on small-medium Airfields


LANDING delivers a low-cost software product (SW) assisting pilots of small-medium aircrafts to safely land on a small and poorly equipped fields, under bad-weather and low-visibility conditions.

A pilot can use LANDING for additional guidance during the three phases of the landing process:
(1) The "approaching" phase in the far field or wide area of the landing field,
(2) The "tunnelling" phase),
(3) The "runway" phase.

Thus, LANDING offers an integral SW at a pre-industrial level as an "add-on" for safety, which is loaded on "portable" aircraft h/w navigation technologies. LANDING integrates seven s/w and data components:
(1) The geo-referenced position of the aircraft with the use of satellite and other data,
(2) The Stage-1 SW, based on input of digital information of the ambient space; available through commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) 3D digital maps, satellite data and elevation data,
(3) The Stage-2 SW, based on medium resolution input of the larger field vicinity,
(4) The Stage-3 SW, based on high resolution 3-D GIS data including all obstacles as input of the closer field vicinity,
(5) SW for the integration of the above components, providing the aircraft position within the digitally represented space,
(6) 3D-visualization SW of the integrated flight guidance information on the hardware (HW), and
(7) the necessary approach 3D - databases and a high resolution digital airport database.

LANDING components run on COTS HW on-board:
(1) Portable (this project) or panel mounted (possibility) computing equipment (e.g. pen-PC) with a fast rendering, and
(2) Display for 3D visualization. The SW is platform-independent.

The 3D terrain and other airport-, or field-, or terrain-data, are pre-installed on the HW. LANDING is cost affordable since it is addressed to small or business aircrafts, hydroplanes and helicopters, and delivers s/w development, applications, dissemination, and material for possible future certification.

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