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High rate and compact quantum random number generator


"The main objective of the proposed work is to develop a high rate, compact and low cost quantum random number generator (QRNG), i.e. a physical device based on the intrinsic randomness of quantum observables designed to generate a sequence of numbers or symbols that lack any pattern. The device will outperform current state of the art random number generators and will be the choice, among other applications, for increasing security of current (10 and 40Gb/s) and future (100Gb/s) optical telecommunication networks. Specific objectives include: (i) scaling up of the QRNG rate from the current laboratory demonstrator rate (1Gb/s) to at least 10 Gb/s, possibly 100 Gb/s; (ii) optical, mechanical and electronic integration into a package of 15x10x2cm3; (iii) development of a test plan in accordance also to the market and potential customers standards and requirements (iv) reduction of direct costs, in particular bill of materials below 250€; (v) commercial exploitation, including IP, market study, competitiveness of the product, technology transfer and spin-off evaluation. The proposed QRNG device operates on the field within a single mode of a semiconductor diode laser. Taking advantage of the randomness nature of vacuum fluctuations, a stream of phase-randomized, nearly identical optical pulses is produced. Interference of subsequent pulses converts the phase randomness into strong amplitude modulation of random intensity, which is directly detected and digitized. The device utilizes commercially available optical and electronic components, including standard laser sources and photodetectors, thus offering a low cost and integrated solution for the hardware implementation. These will be essential to generate market prospects in several
areas, ranging from lottery and gambling to secure communications and scientific calculations. Initial estimates indicate an addressable market at around several tens of M€, with the potential to become several hundreds in the future."

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