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Frequency of Occurrence of Brain Malformations in a Region (Del-Alfold) in Hungary


Progress in brain imaging and epilepsy surgery revealed that brain dysgenesis is a common finding in patients with developmental disabilities and epilepsy. Despite the important etiological role of brain malformations in mental and physical handicap, and epilepsy there are no reliable data on the frequency of occurrence of these malformations in the paediatric population.

The aims of this proposal are:
1. To study the frequency of occurrence of brain dysgenesis in children in a region (Del-Alfold) in Hungar y.
2. To establish a Brain Malformation Registry at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Szeged, Hungary.
3. To study the epilepsies associated with brain malformations in terms of electroencephalographic patterns, seizure semiology and epileptic syndromes.

There is a well functioning network of paediatric outpatient clinics (family paediatricians) in the region and each child is assigned to a paediatrician. These doctors will be the major source of information about patients with brain malformations. The applicant of this project will examine the patients and review the MR images and EEG records. He will develop close collaboration also with those paediatricians, who work at the inpatient wards of the 12 hospitals in the region.

This project will provide representative data on the epidemiology of brain dysgenesis in a region in the European Union. Information for further research (e.g. molecular genetic studies) will be available from the Brain Malformation Registry. The features of epilepsies often associated with brain malformations will also be characterized. After completing the survey in one region within three years, the applicant intends to extend the epidemiological studies to other regions in Hungary. The applicant's experience with brain malformations in the United Arab Emirates ensures the success of this project after his return to Hungary.

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