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Commercial feasibility of triggered liposomal drug delivery by means of MOdulated CHAnnels


The clinical use of most conventional therapies is limited either by insufficient therapeutic drug concentrations at the target tissue or the severe toxic effects of the drug on healthy tissues. The encapsulation of the drug into a liposome as a carrier and its selective delivery to the affected area is one of the solutions. Several liposomal drug formulations have been approved as anticancer therapeutics however, their clinical significance has been limited by slow passive release of the drug at the target site. The idea of ERC-PoC project is to incorporate an engineered ion channel into liposomes as a sensory valve for triggered release of the liposomal content at the target site. The unique advantage of this system is the ability to make liposomes responsive towards a signal with a sensitivity that is not possible to reach with current available systems. This makes the channels excellent candidates for use in drug carriers such as liposomes and exosomes for stimulus-induced drug release. This IP protected technology (two patents) has shown its technological feasibility in the ERC project. Within the ERC-PoC project we want to explore how we are able to enter the market by developing a sound business plan, IPR strategy, market assessment and a product development plan. The outcomes will be consolidated in a sound business plan that will be presented to venture capitalists or other strategic partners.

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