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Ultraviolet light emitting diodes and laser diodes based on quantum structures of Group-III nitrides


InAlGaN UV Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Laser Diodes (LDs) with emission between 360-400nm and 380-400nm, respectively, are proposed. Our target is to achieve record-high power, and long life-time operation, which stems from the ability to grow the highest quality bulk GaN substrates at the Host Institution, UNIPRESS PAN (dislocation density <100/cm2), and its accomplishments in growth and fabrication of LDs (2nd. demonstration of the blue LD in Europe by MOCVD in 2001, and 1st in the World by PE MBE in 2004). Growth of the high power UV-emitter epi-structure requires low dislocation lattice matched substrates, such as GaN or AlGaN. This gives Unipress a unique opportunity as a leader in the field of high performance UV emitters, having and important device applications in laser projectors, bio-medical sensors, lighting and displays, and many others.

We propose two approaches for UV-emitter implementation with Nitride MOCVD and MBE epitaxy:
i) the growth of quaternary alloys of InAlGa N layers, lattice matched to GaN bulk substrates, and
ii) by use of AlGaN/GaN epi-structure grown on a buffer-template formed by AlGaN hetero-epitaxial lateral overgrowth (HELO) on patterned GaN bulk crystals, to assure low stress in AlGaN layers of U V-emitting devices.

We will attempt to enhance doping levels, lower electrical contacts resistance and non-radiative recombination centres concentrations. Computer simulation device modelling (CSDM) tools will be used for design optimisation by Dr. Piotr Mensz. He will provide the top-of the art CSDM tools for better understanding of device physics. Optimisation of optical, electrical confinement to achieve highest power output, and thermal transport issues, will be addressed in this project. Dr. Mensz will also share with Unipress team his knowledge, and experience he collected conducting a similar device research at leading high tech. R&D Universities and Industry Centres in USA and Canada


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