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Cracking the SUMO Signalling Code

Final Report Summary - DECODINGSUMO (Cracking the SUMO Signalling Code)

Post-translational modification by Small Ubiquitin-like Modifiers (SUMOs) is essential for genome stability. In this project, the protein targets regulated by SUMOylation are uncovered in a global manner. A notorious challenge in the field is the identification of the SUMO conjugation sites in proteins. In this project, new approaches have been developed to identify these SUMO conjugation sites in a proteome wide manner. We have mapped over 4,300 SUMOylated lysines in over 1,600 SUMO target proteins. Functional groups of co-regulated SUMO targets include transcriptional regulators, chromatin modifiers, DNA damage response components, splicing factors, cell cycle regulators and nuclear trafficking proteins. In summary, we have obtained an unprecedented global view of post-translational modification by SUMOs. Reducing SUMOylation caused a delay in mitotic progression and DNA bridges between daughter cells. Our project has yielded valuable new SUMO substrates to understand this phenotype. These novel SUMO substrates are currently studied using functional approaches and will provide new insight in the role of SUMO in mitosis.