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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Development of the new termal spraying equipment and technology for production of components for marine transport engines


The two-stroke large bore diesel engine is recognized as the most economical and reliable prime mover for the marine fleet with long running times. However, their improved maintenance and reliability behaviour are becoming the key factors for final users and industrial suppliers. Many parts of the diesel engine are currently critically reviewed with the purpose of increasing their durability; for example, exhaust system components, cylinder cover, piston top, piston rings, rods, bearings.

The final objective of the project is to increase the durability of critical diesel engine components (valve spindles, seats, piston crowns, cylinder covers) of two-stroke diesel engines in an industrially viable way. Knowing that this must be done in a practical and economical way, the use of advanced functional coatings for improving the technical performances of the components has been selected as the main approach.

The use of these functional coating is related to the materials development of new coating systems and more essentially to the availability of the technically and economically best performed process. In this sense the OFI spray technology could supply not only the best technical coatings but also, in a very economical way. OFIENGINE project will propose to marine engines manufacturers and components suppliers innovative technology based on Oxy-Fuel Ionisation thermal spray technique characterized by a high degree of quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

In few words the OFI technique could produce the best coatings available of the market from different technologies (Cold Spray, HVOF and Plasma), thanks to their wide range of processing conditions allowing the deposition o materials from ductile metals (Al, Cu), alloys (Co and Ni base), cermets (Cr3C2 and WC base) to even ceramics.

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