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Facilitating Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and New Zealand

Final Report Summary - FRIENZ (Facilitating Research and Innovation Cooperation between Europe and New Zealand)

Executive Summary:
1. The project supported the activities of the EU-NZ Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee (JSTCC). This was aided through MBIE’s Chief Scientist’s attendance at both JSTCCs which occurred in the life of the project. Furthermore, the outcomes of the FRIENZ project were available for consideration and input in the 2014-2016 EU-NZ S&T Roadmap.
2. The project developed new strategic alliances between EU/NZ policy, funding and research; and innovation organisations. The principle instrument to enable these strategic alliances was the planning of 16 study tours which connected 91 research and innovation actors.
3. The project explored new initiatives and existing programmes in order to strengthen strategic alliances between NZ and EU. Investigating the effectiveness for a Science, Technology and Innovation Joint European Liaison Office in New Zealand and encouraging structural twinning occurred.
4. The project looked to better identify and understand the optimal framework conditions to support international innovation, collaboration, and support for private sector engagement. This was achieved through an extensive body of work which analysed best practises and new trends in NZ and EU member states across the whole research and innovation spectrum. A major initiative to underpin this activity from New Zealand was the launch of Callaghan Innovation (a government agency that helps businesses succeed through technology and R&D).
5. The project promoted awareness of EU/NZ research, innovation and mobility programmes, and created a community that was, and is, well informed of the opportunities for research and innovation collaboration afforded by the EU and NZ.
6. Although outside the scope of the FRIENZ project, MBIE established significant counterpart support and new funding initiatives to assist with ongoing strategic alliances between NZ and EU totalling over NZ$3 million.

Project Context and Objectives:
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Project Results:
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Potential Impact:
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