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From receptor to gene: structures of complexes from signalling pathways linking immunology, neurobiology and cancer


SPINE2-COMPLEXES (S2C) builds on SPINE successes (in establishing infrastructure and activity in HTP structural biology across Europe) to attack two of the central objectives of Structural Biology. Firstly, S2C will focus on systems of demonstrated biomedical relevance, almost entirely human proteins (plus some viral mimics). Secondly it will address the functional form of these proteins, complexes, interlinked in human signalling pathways of importance for human health. The S2C team is built upon a core of SPINE laboratories, selected on the basis of their enthusiasm to sign up to the concept of sharing work and pooling protein reagents within the Partnership to accelerate progress through cooperation. The new Partners include excellent young group leaders from the New Member States. Despite dramatic technological advances in HTP protein production there is an urgent need to develop specific technologies appropriate to S2C not covered by other FP6 grants (eg synchrotron technology is largely addressed by BIOXHIT).
Major technology developments will therefore be in protein production, especially HTP methods for eukaryotic expression, including co-expression, through refolding, to library based methods. The human signaling pathways targeted are
i) ubiquitination and de-ubiquitination
ii) cell cycle and apoptosis
iii) synaptogenesis and neuronal signalling
iv) kinases and phosphatases involved in signalling and regulation
v) transcriptional receptors and regulation
vi) innate and acquired immune receptors and inflammation and vii) viral subversion of cellular signalling and immune modulation.
These cellular processes frequently involve the same components and pathways, enhancing opportunities for inter-partner synergies. All Partners have signed up to joint target activity with at least one other Partner. Since S2C builds on SPINE we will be able to implement a transparent and effective management system, minimising the start-up time.

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