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Content archived on 2024-06-18

Highly Integrated Combustion Electric Powertrain System


Main objective: Research on innovative and cost competitive highly integrated thermal-electric hybrid configurations for mass produced vehicles (European market from 2010/2012). Consortium: 4 major European OEMs, 5 suppliers, 3 research institutes, 6 engineering companies and 6 universities. Three different complex hybrid solutions each with different engines (gasoline, diesel and natural gas) and comprehensive of the related aftertreatment systems will be investigated. Requirements: ?social needs? (lower consumption and acoustic/ regulated emissions reduction) and ?customer demands? (enhanced performance, improved driveability, high thermal comfort, acceptable cost for purchase and operation). System analyses and verification tests will be performed for the split hybrid powertrains with two different hybrid vehicle platforms and for the combined one with a dedicated test bench. The outcome will be used for a complete assessment and comparison (both at technical level and in terms of cost). In order to ensure significant synergy between the developed solutions, each will share the electric devices technology and all the possible parts of the related devices. Relevant results and solutions deriving from past and on-going EU and national projects will be used wherever possible. The project is structured into five sub-projects (SPs) comprising one SP for each of the three hybrid architectures and two transversal SPs. The first transversal SP covers the integration of thermal auxiliaries (electrical regeneration, thermal storage systems, air conditioning) and energy management to reduce fuel consumption and emissions maintaining high thermal comfort for complex hybrid powertrains; the second transversal SP focuses on the boundary condition & load cycle definition and the final comparative performance & cost assessment of the hybrid systems investigated taking into account also the vehicle safety and powertrain integration needs.

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