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Technology Platform for European Road Transport Research

Final Report Summary - ERTRAC II (Technology Platform for European Road Transport Research)

The ERTRAC project was established to mobilise all stakeholders in the road transport sector, develop a shared vision and strategic research agenda, and ensure timely, coordinated and efficient application of research resources to meet the continuing challenges of road transport and European competitiveness and thereby contribute to the so-called Lisbon strategy. The ERTRAC II Coordination Action had as its principle objective to provide the management and organisational support together with administrative and technical input, which is required to facilitate ERTRAC in its assessment of European road transport research needs and the implementation of the strategic research agenda.

The initially identified objectives of ERTRAC project were to:
- improve the coordination between EC, national, regional and private R&D actions for road transport, thus strengthening the European Research Area (ERA);
- network with other Technology Platforms as well as with the EC and national bodies in terms of SRA, RTD synergies, finance and governance;
- stimulate increased and more effective public and private investment in R&D in the road transport sector;
- take into account latest developments by updating ERTRAC's SRA through workshops and by collecting opinions from all different and possibly newly identified actors;
- provide management support by setting up a secretariat for organisational and efficiency purpose;
- coordinate the activities related to the ERTRAC overall organisational structure, membership, plenary, steering group and working areas;
- define and animate the ERTRAC work programme and review;
- exchange experience, best-practice with other Technology Platforms, European Commission, European Parliament and Member States;
- disseminate and communicate ERTRAC results, activities and publications to the representatives of the Member States, the European Commission, the European Parliament, the wide range of actors in the road transport sector, to the media and to the citizens in general;
- design and produce new planned ERTRAC publications and promotional material for all kinds of media including exhibition stands as well as the co-organisation of the biannual conferences.

The Coordination Action supported ERTRAC by providing the management and organisational administration together with technical support, which was required to achieve the objectives. Main results were:
- the ERTRAC research framework was published;
- assessment of European FP6 road transport research projects with respect to ERTRAC objectives;
- overview of national road transport research activities and programmes in 17 European countries;
- active contribution to the EC's European Technology Platform initiative;
- transport research arena conferences coorganised by ERTRAC, CEDR and the EC.
- ERTRAC conferences in Brussels with special focus on climate change and future scenarios;
- the ERTRAC office in Brussels was established%. L
The objectives of ERTRAC II were satisfied at full extent. The dissemination and use of results comprised various activities, which partly already started during the first ERTRAC project. The overall strategy for the dissemination of results as developed in the first ERTRAC project was continued. The web-site (please see online) is regularly updated. In addition, a web-mail tool was established for an improved e-mail communication of the main stakeholders, in particular the secretary and the chairman.

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