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Fostering Excellence in Multiscale Cell Imaging


The project (Fostering Excellence in Multiscale Cell Imaging - CELIM) is designed to energize the research potential of the University of P. J. Safarik in Kosice, Slovakia, by the enhancement of the existing network of collaborators with the selected excellent European Partners, centered around the theme of cell imaging and by the acquisition of a new technical infrastructure. The main goals and activities of the project can be summarized as follow: i) to integrate scientists with complementary research skills into a coherent interdisciplinary research entity, ii) to reinforce excellence and creativity of the scientists in consortium by the knowledge and know-how transfer from leading research European organizations, iii) to upgrade existing infrastructure for up-to-date experiments, iv) to identify and reintegrate skillful and experienced Slovak scientists. The realization of the project will result to the improvement of the research environment, substantial increase of competitiveness in the ERA, and ensure leadership of the consortium in the field of cell imaging in the region. The CELIM consortium is fully dedicated to promote application of the knowledge obtained in basic research into practice. The realization of the project will accelerate our research activities in the most promising areas of cell imaging (e.g. involvement of the consortium in the research program of the European XFEL experimental stations). The benefits of the foreseen progress in cell imaging will expand our current impact towards new horizons in oncology (selective drug targeting and effective cancer treatment), stem cells research (novel insights into human and animal morphogenesis), reproduction and animal breeding (development of non-invasive techniques for single-cell diagnosis). Thus, broad implications for not only the basic biomedical research, but also directly to practical sphere (e.g. cancer therapy and diagnosis, regenerative medicine and agriculture) can be expected.

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Srobarova 2
04180 Kosice

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Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Pavol Miskovsky (Prof.)
EU contribution
€ 2 613 937