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Researchers for the Future


What kind of scientific solutions will form our everyday life? What role do researchers play in influencing our future? The main objective of “Researchers for the Future” is to overcome and change the prevailing stereotypes about researchers and contribute to the enhancement of their public recognition by showing how they shape our future. We would like to present how researchers help us to face our common responsibilities and possibilities of the future and to attract our attention to their work. We also intend to address the future generation and show the attractiveness of research career. Therefore, we focus on the target group from the age of 10 to 18, but we aim to address all age groups with attractive programmes. The series of events at 10 locations will focus on the Researcher through his/her career and on research in/for the future. The public will be “edutained” during the Night: scientific presentations will be mixed with entertaining elements. There is going to be e.g. a Scientific Show, exhibition of researchers’ hobbies, a theatre play, Matrix, Spaceman exam and HiTech Pub. The target audience can thus discover that the life of the researcher is fascinating, cool and attractive. Our objective is to have around 12,000 visitors at the events, but a multiple of that number (around 500,000) will see, hear or read about the Night. We are planning to raise awareness of the European engagement in R&D&I. In the European corner and at each venue related programmes of the European Union will be visible. The structure of the consortium (stakeholders from academia and industry, from non-profit and for-profit organisations, with the contributing participation of schools, a cluster, a multinational company and a media partner) will guarantee the success of the project.

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