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A Hungarian Night for Researchers 2011- Hungary-EU Research Careers


The protagonists of the 2012 RN will be researchers and the focus of the event will be on their public recognition. We will make a special effort to provide opportunities for both the public and the researchers to learn and think outside the box and present the truth that are behind stereotypes.
Researchers will be at the center of all the individual programmes and of the awareness raising activities throughout the project demonstrating that they are ordinary, everyday people in their private life besides having an extraordinary career. During the event, they will show the audience all aspects of their talent (personal or science related) by linking science and other fields of their talent and personal interest. Many programmes will introduce researchers in an unexpected way – through their hobbies, through their private activities or personal engagements, emphasizing their “lay” character, we plan to interlink researchers’ personal and scientific life in an enjoyable way. We will follow a welcome in and go out approach. This means that we will welcome the audience at the researchers’ workplace, letting a glance into a world otherwise closed and “secret” to lay people (labs, and other research facilities), and at the same time researchers will appear in public places they are not expected to turn up otherwise in their researchers coats such as city centers, main squares and streets of the participating towns, community and exhibition centers, music halls, theatres and schools. Parallel with this we wish to show people that this scientific environment can be an entertaining place when researchers choose it to be. On the other hand ordinary everyday places such as town squares and streets, public buildings and restaurants, exhibition centres and sport fields can become places of scientific importance.

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