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Science Night Out


"The main idea of the “Science Night Out” proposal is to offer to the general public a night of going out and enjoying themselves with science.

A common opinion that goes around when people are talking about science is that it is boring and somehow not relevant to their everyday life and personal interests. Researchers are though of as people with grey hair and white robes hiding inside their – if not secret then definitely isolated – laboratories working on subjects hardly understood by anyone else than themselves.

On the other hand, people nowadays don’t leave their home without their iphone and use at least once a day an internet application. Moreover, they are interested in anti-aging and find science fiction movies really cool.

Isn’t this an oxymoron of our times? Why iphone is great but nanotechnology seems frightening? It is because people don’t connect them. People are using high tech gadgets in their every day lives ignoring their origin, are fascinated by the Milky Way pictures knowing nothing on radio astronomy and are looking forward to the latest anti-aging therapies but haven’t heard of stem cells. What is missing here is the bond between the researchers and the general public.

The aim of the “Science Night Out” is to bring closer researchers and people from all different ages and backgrounds, let them know about the fascinating science hidden in their everyday lives and about the research going on in Europe, get them inspired of the latest scientific achievements, introduce them to real life researchers and academics and have them enjoy themselves and having a nice time while doing so."

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