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Molecular technology for nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy


Cancer is undoubtedly becoming the second largest cause of death in the EU. Future predictions are very somber expecting worldwide 17.5 million deaths and 27 million new cases annually by 2050. New innovative research and properly educated generation of young scientists in fields related to cancer prevention, diagnostics, treatment and management is the only way to ensure progress in solving this issue. The aim of this proposal is to provide starting researchers with the skills necessary to become highly-qualified, health-associated professionals and contribute in the fight against cancer using nuclear imaging techniques and therapeutic methods. In this project the researchers will be given a broad insight in molecular imaging and radionuclide therapy with specialization in two of the following fields: Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging, soft matter, and in nuclear-, organic-, polymer- and radiopharmaceutical chemistry. The training will be provided based on a research project concerning the development of molecular and supramolecular carriers for nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy and their pre-clinical evaluation. The fellows will be trained by a carefully selected consortium consisting of specialists and research leaders in the required fields, including the private sector. Secondments, workshops and regular meetings are included in the training to ensure the achievement of the set goal. Besides the research training, the fellows will be given the opportunity to acquire soft skills such as product development and marketing. The proposed training program will result in the development of highly-educated health-associated professionals with career prospects both in academia and industry. Additionally, through this ITN framework a long lasting collaboration will be established between the partners, ensuring both excellent research prospective and training possibilities for future fellows.

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