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Content archived on 2024-05-29

Cultural Heritage Enhancement in the Region of Maghreb. Integrated approach to the Mediterranean prehistoric cultural heritage: the case of Maghreb.


Northwestern Africa (Maghreb) represents one of the areas of major interest for the understanding of cultural similarities within the Euro-Mediterranean Region. The proposed Project focuses on the preservation of the prehistoric cultural heritage of the Region. This heritage has suffered a lot from negligence in conservation and, in the Maghreb, there are serious risks due to the fast development of the territory, in particular along the coasts, which could delete forever a great patrimony, helpful in clarifying important episodes in the reconstruction of the evolutionary biology and culture of humanity in the Pleistocene era.

The Project's original value is in defending local heritage through new technologies (GIS, µ-CT data/images): at the basis of the conservation of the heritage there is the necessity of a logic and organized database to understand what there is, where and how to intervene. The case of C.H.E.R.M puts together several Euro-Mediterranean Partners sub-divided into three thematic working groups: the Archaeo-topographical (ARCHAEO-GIS) team, the Anthropo-Biological (BIO-ARCHIVE) team and the Palaeoecological (PALAEO-ENVIRON) team.

The co-ordinator will lead different Partners from Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France, England, Germany, Malta and Gibraltar through three micro-scale thematic meetings of experts, where to compare and discuss a common approach to the study of the antiquities through the use of new technologies (GIS, µ-CT data/images). The main output of the Project is the development of guidelines and a codebook for GIS data collection and analysis. This Project combines multidisciplinary, state-of-the art research, with local knowledge and aims at providing a co-operative package that will enable us to better understand and protect a unique element of global heritage significance.

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