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Water Enhanced Resource Planning "Where water supply meets demand"

Project description

ICT for efficient water resources management

Water supply involves many actors. While many management tools exist, they cannot intercommunicate and no framework is available for integrating all of them, preventing integrated water resources management to be fully achieved. WatERP will develop a web-based Open Management Platform (OMP), integrating intelligent systems through open interfaces, to enable water supply distribution chains to be managed in a unified and customized way. The OMP will provide inferred information on water supplies, flows, consumption, distribution efficiency, and supply and demand within a single framework. It comprises 3 tools: (a) Data Warehouse, using semantics and common language, (b) DSS, for coordinating actions, prioritizing water uses, improving distribution efficiency, and saving water, energy and costs, and (c) Demand Management, supporting socio-economical analyses and policies. Open standards will be used to maximize interoperability and data sharing. WatERP technologies will be developed under a user-centred participatory design.9 Partners (ES, DE, GR and UK, with a large SME component, a water authority, a water utility and a big water sector companies association) will validate the project outcomes in 2 different pilots: (1) Ter-Llobregat water supply system (ES) representing water-stressed parts of Europe and (2) Karlsruhe water supply system (DE) representing more water-rich regions. WatERP enables improved matching of water supply and demand from a holistic point of view, pursuing 2 objectives: (i) improving coordination among actors and (ii) fostering behavioural change to reduce water (8%) and energy (5%) consumption. By enabling a more dynamic and agile interaction among the different actors involved in water supply distribution, the platform improves water governance while maintaining the autonomy and independence of the actors. WatERP will also develop a strong dissemination capability, besides an evaluation of their anticipated cost and benefits and market prospects.

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