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Sustainable Human Development for MED Countries

Final Report Summary - SHUMED (Sustainable Human Development for MED Countries)

The SHuMED project is aimed to support and strengthen the different existing collaboration actions between Europe and Mediterranean Partner Countries for research and research training in the field of the sustainable human development.
During the last few years, sustainable human development has represented one of the most important policy goals at global level.
This aim is achieved thanks to the exchange period, that has let the researchers to plan future collaborations. Moreover, exchanging programmes of researchers was an important activity for promoting knowledge transfer between EU and MED Countries, with 4 main impacts:
1. The assessment and comparing of the level of sustainable human development of the European and Mediterranean Partner Countries;
2. The understanding of sustainable management by firms in turbulent economies;
3. The improvement of innovation and learning capabilities of targeted Countries;
4. The building of the EU-MED network of Research Centres and Clusters, in order to link communities of scholars.