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Smart INks as a standard TEsting tool for self Cleaning surfaces


"This action will explore the utilisation of photocatalyst indicator inks in a CEN standard for the rapid testing of the activities of various different self-cleaning surfaces, including: glass, tiles, paints, fabrics and concrete. The formulations of all the inks will be given in the standard and so freely available. To date, no rapid screening method for assessing photocatalyst activity exists outside the use of such inks and ISO and CEN have no plans at present to introduce a standard based on these inks, although many members of the photocatalyst community and relevant ISO and CEN communities use them. The key project objectives are: i) prepare appropriate, different photocatalyst inks and typical photocatalyst samples based on glass, tiles, paint, concrete and fabrics for round robin tests, ii) conduct a series of round robin tests that identify the best inks and protocol for each very different coating substrate, iii) present the results and conclusions of the round robin tests to the relevant CEN committee (TC386) and use the feedback to improve the prepared draft standard and finally iv) have accepted by TC386 a final CEN standard on photocatalyst activity-measuring inks for subsequent processing and adoption by CEN via TC386. The proposal is fully supported by the chairman of CEN/TC 386 ""Photocatalysis"" and will address an important need, not yet covered by the current CEN/TC 386 group, namely the rapid assessment of activity using smart inks which can be also used in field tests. The proposal compliments the portfolio of CEN standards currently under development and the project consortium consists of 4 academic and 3 industrial partners, two of which are already active in the CEN/TC 386. The proposed standard ink test for self cleaning surfaces will deliver a new CEN work item in TC 386, which will be invaluable to CEN/TC 386 and help significantly strengthen the position of European industry."

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