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MOveable Bearings Innovation Launch in enlarged Europe


Bridge weight and traffic loads as well as braking and wind forces generate a number of different forces that must be transmitted to the ground through bridge piers and abutments This is the task of bridge bearings designed manufactured and installed to permit movements and torsional effects caused by traffic temperature variations pre stress shrinkage and creep Bridge bearings are therefore critical components of a bridge structure and demand high quality standards An ongoing increase of traffic volume higher cruising speeds and more flexible structures result in a redefinition of requirements for bearing systems.

Furthermore the ambitions of bridge engineers to exceed not even finalised constructions in its dimensions and technical performances are transferring their challenge also to bridge bearing manufactures The lack in reasonable technologies to meet these extreme product specifications mainly result in expensive custom made products with reduced lifetime performance To encounter the current situation with sustainable structure life cycle costs LCC the bridge bearing manufacturers agree on the potential of reconsidered sliding bearings Therefore the consortium is ready to develop a new generation of sliding bearings with higher performance advanced materials better constructability and maintainability as well as significantly extended lifetime

The corporation of the participating manufacturers has to be seen as alliance against competition from the US and Asia Especially Eastern Europe where the establishment of a sustainable infrastructure has priority for the whole European Union was recognized as potential market A high number of eastern end user which are confronted with accumulated needs for sustainable products support the project with valuable requests and therefore guarantee a huge market for the developed product from the very beginning.

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