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Solving High Energy Physics Equations using Monte Carlo Gaming Techniques

Final Report Summary - HEPGAME (Solving High Energy Physics Equations using Monte Carlo Gaming Techniques)

The greatest achievement of the HEPGAME project is the development of techniques for and the construction of computer programs for more accurate calculations in QCD, the theory of strong interactions between quarks and gluons. For a number of fundamental quantities (beta-function, anomalous dimensions, Mellin moments of structure functions) the programs have improved the calculations by a whole loop order, which translates to a factor of about 4 in their accuracy. This is of direct importance for other calculations done for the experiments at the LHC at CERN.

A better understanding of the divergent nature of Feynman diagrams and programs to isolate such divergences has already resulted in a few calculations that are leading in the field. The publications about the methods and the computer programs are expected to have an impact on future calculations.

The programs produced for the simplification of formulas have already led to the significant improvement of third party calculations as it made the Monte Carlo integration phase of a number of automated systems for one-loop calculations in field theory faster by at least an order of magnitude.

Improvements in the Form computer algebra system by the introduction of new and original commands and a better distribution method has benefited almost the whole community of theorists that work in the field of higher order calculations in field theory.