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Dirac Materials

Final Report Summary - DM (Dirac Materials)

Quantum materials will be an important part of future technologies. New concepts like topology and nodal metals have emerged in the last decade and have led to establishment of new fields of research in quantum materials. Important aspect of quantum materials conversation are Dirac materials(DM), materials where excitations do not obey the Schrodinger wave equations and instead behave as relativistic particles.

This project is focusing on properties of these “relativistic materials.” We have developed and solidified the concept of DM. We investigated the universal properties of DM. In particular we show that in response to local magnetic ions or dopants DM generate the localized impurity resonances. We found out that these impurity resonances play a crucial role in controlling the stability of the topological phases like Anomalous Quantum Hall state predicted to occur in magnetically doped topological insulators.

We also developed an organic materials database (OMDB), that hosts electronic structures for ~25000 organic and organometallic compounds. OMDB is an open academic resource for the community. It enables a broader search and discovery of organic Dirac and Weyl materials. This database also is a testing ground for the use of modern materials informatics tools for accelerated materials discovery broadly.

Going beyond conventional materials hosting electrons we proposed the extension of the DM concept to materials hosting bosonic excitations. Same topology the controls the emergence of the Dirac nodes in metals holds for bosonic materials. We introduced Bosonic Dirac materials (BDM) and proposed their realizations using superconducting Josephson junctions and honeycomb ferromagnets.