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Coordination of European funding for infectious diseases research


Infectious diseases (ID) also known as communicable diseases are one of the majorcauses of death worldwide. Every year in Europe, infectious diseases cause tens of thousands of deaths (from ECDC ‘Microbes without borders: key facts on infectious diseases in Europe’ 2007 report).
In order to address the challenges in ID and design adapted treatments, as well as diagnostic and preventive tools, the funding programmes involved in The INFECT-ERA aim to support all basic aspects of human infection biology caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa. To that end, research addressing the cross-talk between host and pathogens, as well as the relationship between microbes’ environment and infection will be supported by Infect-ERA. In addition, this ERA-NET aims to (i) strengthen the development and improvement of innovative tools and methodologies to address infection biology as a whole and (ii) promote the integration of new tools to carry out research.
Infect-ERA consortium is comprised of 14 participants from 11 countries. It will build on the established network of National Funding Bodies that are participating in the ERA-NET of PathoGenoMics and will bring in new ones. With the accession of new partners the organization of the network will be updated. It will strongly rely on PathoGenoMics’s achievements, such as the establishment of principles and mechanisms for the evaluation of joint calls and for the management of transnational projects. Infect-ERA will therefore concentrate on funding high quality and cutting edge research through yearly Join Transnational Calls (2013-2016). It will also contribute to the European mobility initiatives and strengthen the European research by expanding the young scientist support initiated in PathoGenoMics, and facilitating the mobility of young researchers. Infect-ERA will also develop a long-term cooperation framework in infectious diseases. Infect-ERA will also enable further knowledge on intellectual property protection among scientists of funded projects.

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