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Development of new biofunctionalized materials for application in regenerative medicine


Biofunctionalization of materials for application in regenerative medicine constitutes a constantly expanding field that will introduce revolutionary changes in classical healthcare and drastically improve the quality of life of patients. In recent years, extensive research has focused on the development of new biomaterials with the ability to restore damaged parts of the body and enhance tissue regeneration. However, much of this challenging area of research remains to be explored. This is the case of orthopedic and dental implants, where a poor biointegration of implant materials is associated with limited long-term medical outcomes and implant failure. To overcome this issue, strong and stable biochemical and mechanical interaction between the implant surface and the surrounding bone tissue are required after the implant surgery.
This research project aims to design, develop and investigate novel biofunctionalized metallic materials (low elastic modulus Ti alloys) for their application as biomedical devices for bone osseointegration and regeneration. Functional biomolecules with defined bioactive motifs to selectively enhance cell adhesion and improve biointegration, as well as with antibacterial properties, will be immobilized covalently on the metal surface by using organosilanes as crosslinker molecules. Biofunctionalized surfaces will be fully characterized for physical properties, chemical composition and biological activity. In vitro biological studies will include adhesion, proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells. The biomaterials displaying the best biological profiles will be implanted in minipigs to investigate their osseointegration properties in vivo and their potential to be used in the clinics.
This research project proposes a highly multidisciplinary approach combining high quality and excellence in the fields of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Material Science to overcome a major challenge in Medicine currently not addressed.

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