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Innovative tools for the study of high-energy transients


The most energetic phenomena in the Universe, also display extreme temporal variability. Classical astronomical observing techniques are not enough to study this kind of sources. High time-resolution and multiwavelength observations are needed to comprehend the physics involved. In this project we propose new tools to improve our understanding of these sources. The project will be both scientific and technological: We will study extreme astrophysical phenomena using leading edge multi-wavelength methods while using our experience to develop new instrumentation and techniques to go one step further.
Our project will improve our understanding of transients detected by high-energy satellites, paying especial attention to gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) and magnetars. We will perform multiwavelength modelling based on data from our ongoing observing proposals in major observatories, in radio, millimeter/submillimeter, infrared, and optical. In order to understand the global characteristics of these events we will perform statistical studies with large data samples. For this we will construct specific databases following virtual observatory (VO) protocols: A database with all the published data of GRB afterglows in the millimetre/submillimeter range and another one with optical/nIR spectroscopic observations of GRB afterglows.
On the technological side, we will develop software tools for the analysis of data including spectral line fitting and broadband modelling of GRB afterglows. Finally we will explore innovative observing techniques, based on high time-resolution plenoptic photon-counting cameras. Plenoptic cameras have the capacity to collect information not only on the intensity of light arriving to every pixel, but also the direction in which the rays of light arrive. Combined with photon-counting techniques, this technology will allow us to correct the wavefront of the arriving light and provide both high temporal-resolution with high spatial-resolution.

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