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sunliquid® large scale demonstration plant for the production of cellulosic ethanol


The aim of the proposal is to build a sunliquid® pre-commercial industrial scale demonstration plant for the production of lignocellulosic ethanol based on Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH’s sunliquid® process. The sunliquid® technology is an innovative process for the production of cellulosic ethanol from lignocellulosic feedstock. It features highly optimized enzymes for maximum yield, an integrated enzyme production to ensure lowest production costs, simultaneous C5 and C6 fermentation which increases the overall ethanol yield by about 50% and an energy saving separation technology. The resulting cellulosic ethanol shows CO2 emission savings of almost 95%, the process is energy self-sufficient as the whole process energy is obtained from the residual lignin fraction. For this purpose work packages were designed to reproduce the entire value chain. Feedstock supply including transportation and selection of an appropriate plant site will be assessed by project partners ExportHungary and BayWa. Basic and Detail Engineering will be performed for full scale-up of the process into a commercial plant taking into account the experience from the demonstration site in Straubing (Germany) and other large scale production plant construction projects of the applicant CPG. Furthermore, applicant CPG will secure the supply of high quality starter cultures including stringent quality controls and management. The innovative biocatalysts produced from theses starter cultures are of central importance for the ramp-up and operation of the plant. To demonstrate commercial viability distribution and testing of the cellulosic ethanol will be focused in another work package. A full life cycle assessment (LCA) of the process will assess and confirm the overall sustainability of the process supported be in depth expertise of the Energieinstitut Linz. Project partners BioM WB and BayFOR will be responsible for the dissemination of project results, to ensure knowledge transfer and maximum impact.


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