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Aeronautical Magnetic Gear Box


"A magnetic gearbox for use in the aerospace industry will be designed, built and tested (to obtain a TRL6) as requested in topic SFWA-01-048. The process of optimizing the magnetic gear will include considering different available configurations for magnetic gear types, i.e. planetary, direct and “harmonic drive”. As requested, it will also consider torque, weight, cost, working temperature and reliability. In addition, it will consider both mechanical and magnetic tolerancing –and the required quality thereof.
The coordinator of this project started work in magnetomechanics as part of the magnet group at the AT division of CERN some 20 years ago. UC3M, since the project coordinator –joined 14 years ago, has been at the frontier of research and development in magnetomechanisms; developing and using the latest techniques in order to improve and optimize them. In fact, UC3M has developed a unique method and software in order to simulate precisely the dynamics of any real mechanism incorporating rare-earth magnets, composite magnetic materials, superconductors, soft magnetic materials or any kind of magnetic element.
UC3M is currently leading the FP7-Space project MAGDRIVE in which a completely non-contact, magnetic drive for use in space under cryogenic conditions is being demonstrated up to a TRL5. The test bench built in that project will, with minor adaptations, be perfectly suited to testing this MAGBOX.
UC3M also has highly exclusive expertise in designing, building and testing mechanical devices based on real commercial magnetic pieces. This includes both the facilities and technical expertise necessary not only to control the quality of them, but also the mechanical and magnetic tolerancing, which is essential to the success of this project. This, together with the considerable expertise in qualification and certification procedures in aeronautics, proven by the years of cooperation in the ""Centro mixto UC3M-EADS"", makes this project the best solution."

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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Administrative Contact
Regina Garcia Beato (Mrs.)
EU contribution
€ 183 626,60